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Memorable Verses

in the Torah

(The Five Books of Moses)

with commentary and questions

by Joseph G. Rosenstein

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Why Should You Read this Book?

You may be Jewish and have never studied the Torah, or you may not be Jewish and want to have a taste of what’s in the Torah, the Five Books of Moses.
You may have learned that the Bible is the word of God and never questioned that assumption. Now you may be open to a different approach, one that …

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What Makes a Verse Memorable?

These are verses that I particularly remember and whose significance I recognize. What makes them memorable? Some of the verses are visually memorable (like those on the front cover). Other verses are memorable because we recognize them from the prayer book. Others are memorable because …

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What’s in This Book?

The book contains a list of 148 memorable verses, in their order of appearance in the Torah. For each verse there are one or two pages of my comments and questions about that verse.

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About the Author

Joseph G. Rosenstein is the author of a siddur, a machzor, and books in mathematics and mathematics education. He is a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Rutgers University, where he taught mathematics for 48 years before retiring in 2017.

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How the Book can be Used

This book can be used for personal reading and reflection, as the basis for family discussions, as a text for an ongoing class, as a resource on individual topics and themes, or as a “performance” of Torah highlights on Shavuot and other occasions. However you use it, you will enjoy a real taste of the Torah.

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