How This Book Can Be Used

This book can be used for personal reading and reflection, as the basis for family discussions, as a text for an ongoing class, as a resource on individual topics and themes, or as a “performance” of Torah highlights on Shavuot and other occasions. However you use it, you will enjoy a real taste of the Torah.

Personal Reading and Reflection: You will find this an interesting read – with a non-conventional perspective – whether you read it straight through or take a few minutes each day to read and reflect on the commentary and questions for one or two verses.

Family Discussions: You can read a verse at your Shabbat dinner table and initiate a discussion of the commentary and questions discussing that verse.

Classes for Adults and Teens: You can use this book as a text for a course on the memorable episodes and teachings of the Torah.

Resource: You can use this book as a resource, in conjunction with traditional commentaries, for increasing your understanding of the Torah of for preparing your own d’var torah.

On Shavuot or other occasions, you can use the verses by themselves as a summary of the highlights of the Torah: Each person in the room reads one verse – with a brief pause after each verse, but without any discussion – and this is repeated until all 148 verses have been recited (about 35 minutes), after which a discussion can take place.